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To the entire staff that worked with me,
I want to thank you for your help and respect. When I was there, I was scared to say the least; however; I carry with me something unique about each of you and will never forget you. I saw what you went through daily, and it takes special people like each of you to be able to do it. What you do is not in vain and it does matter. I wish each of you the best and peace. I am going to close with a quote I came across, “I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.Again, thank you.” – Anonymous Patient

I can’t begin to explain that you all have truly helped me out.
I pray that I take the wisdom and joy that you have shown towards me and many others. I only pray that you will continue spreading the reality check through many more young adults and pre-teens. I can’t help but to thank you all so much for the hard work you have done. I only wish is that you keep me in your hearts and minds and prayers as I will always come back for your strong input and to continue to make the sky the limit.” – Anonymous Patient

“I am writing in response to my son’s stay at Riveredge Hospital.
He is doing much better, just working out some of the little quirks of the meds. After the meds kicked in there, I really feel that he actually liked Riveredge, but of course he couldn’t wait until he got back home to his computer, room (which took me all of 10 days while he was gone to clean) and his television. I feel my son really enjoyed the structure you guys had for him and of course the good food which he has not stopped talking about. He doesn’t stay in his dark room all the time now. Hopefully, he will never need your services again, but keep up the good work.
PS: Thanks so much for the cab right home! “ – A grateful mother

“To the entire staff,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your professional care and kindness you gave my daughter while she was in your care. You have all helped her become a stronger and more confident lady ready to go out and face the world once more. I truly appreciate your efforts in getting her through this challenging time!” – Anonymous Father

“To whom it may concern:
I was very glad my son was admitted back to Riveredge. Intake was very thorough, professional, yet very speedy. It makes a painful process easier to bear. The staff in the lobby were very professional and empathetic towards all visitors. They represent the hospital very well. The hospital cleanliness is excellent and I’m proud to be a parent of a patient here. I don’t want to return under these circumstances, but I’m glad Riveredge is here and continues to work on behalf of all who have psychiatric needs. God bless you.” – Anonymous parent

“I learned that a life is a gift filled with so much to live for…
I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for everything you have taught me and for listening to me when I thought nobody wanted to listen. You made me look at the old me and the world in a more positive way instead of thinking that it was filled with negativity. Because of you, I learned how to forgive what had happened in the past instead of trying to forget. Because of you, I learned that life is a gift filled with so much to live for, that it’s stupid that a single thought went through my mind thinking about throwing it away. Because of you, I learned how to solve a problem instead of making it a bigger problem. Because of you, I am healed. Because of you, I am a new and improved person. You and the staff made me realize what in life I should be thankful for. I am so happy that I came to this hospital. Without the help of you and the staff, I don’t know where I would be right now. You inspired me just the way I inspired you. I’m glad that everybody I met here including the kids actually understands where I am coming from. I just wanted to give a special ‘thank you’ to you and the staff for helping me change who I am. For changing my life. Thank you!” – Anonymous female patient

“May I tearfully thank you for giving me my daughter back?
I have been so afraid, so overwhelmed, sad and lost. As scared as my daughter was, and I too was very scared, to agree to hospitalization, we knew we needed help. The compassionate receipt we got from intake to our therapist and psychiatrist were unparalleled. You all made one of the most difficult points in our life feel like we were not only doing the right thing, but were also in the right hands. As we tearfully parted that first day, the nurse looked me in the eye and said with confidence “We are going to help your daughter!” I believed her and she was right. How I had the strength to leave my daughter in the hospital a month ago, I cannot recall. But what I do know is that my daughter got better every day. Our family grew together, although it has been very painful, we are healing together. I am so grateful for your institution and the kind staff who choose to dedicate their life to this noble and important work. We hope to not need to return but know you are there.
I end as I began, “thank you for giving me my daughter back”. Please share this letter with all the staff from 1N. Bless you all.” – An anonymous, grateful Mom

I want to express to you how impressed my wife and I are with Riveredge Hospital and the Partial Hospitalization Program.
Our daughter just spent the last three weeks in PHP and is now back in high school. All three of us had only the best experience at Riveredge. From the receptionist to the admitting person, the family therapist and all of the staff who worked with our daughter including the transportation people, we can’t thank you enough for the wonderful help we received. The professionalism, courtesy, and reassurance we experienced were truly outstanding and the efficiency and communication from everyone was especially appreciated. We also heard high praise for staff members regarding dedication and love of working with children, and although we knew he was good, it was certainly brought to light for us with our daughter attending Riveredge. I commend you for this program, and wish you continued success and growth in the future.” – Yours truly, A Dad